November 2016

During this month of November, we are reminded of the fragility of life. We are on a journey that had a beginning and will have an end. As Christians, we have been given the Scriptures as a map to guide us on this path through life. Jesus can be passing by in many guises, inviting us to stop, reflect and respond. This may come through a comment made by someone, a reading from the Scriptures, a time of quiet at home, in a Church, going for a walk…As we reflect on the letting go in nature at this time of the year, more evident in some parts of the world than others, we are being invited to consider the letting go that may be desirable in our own lives at this time. Given the technological and electronic age in which we live, we can find innumerable "voices” calling out to us. We may find it helpful to consider which of these "voices” tends to claim most of our time and attention – and ask ourselves, where God may be in whatever comes to mind. During this time of the year, the scriptures remind us that we are just passing through on our journey through life. The human search for meaning invites us to reflect on the meaning life has for us at this stage on our journey. We may recall a particular message from the scriptures that touched us at some point in our lives - a time when our eyes were opened and we saw in a new way. In the gospels, we often hear Jesus ask: "what do you want”. What would my response be at this point in my life? Each one of us is called to be a little strand in the large tapestry of life – contributing to the good of the whole in one way or another. We are told that prayer is not like a spare wheel to pull out when in trouble. It is more like a steering wheel that keeps us on the right path as we travel.


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