Tints, Blends and Highlights



"Life is beautiful in all its colours, even the darker ones; they’re here for a reason.”   Stephen King

As I write this, the colour tones in the Coolea sky sparkle in the rays of the rising sun filling me with the joy of living. Like Wordsworth, there are few people whose hearts do not leap when they "behold a rainbow in the sky” or see "a host of golden daffodils, fluttering and dancing in the breeze.” Life would be very grim without colour. It brightens up our day, inspires us to be reflective and creative, resulting in inner healing, peace and harmony. Painters, in an attempt to seek the ultimate beauty, spend hours trying to capture the secret life of colour. They use blends and different textures, with an intricate interplay of light and shadow, to create beautiful works that have the potential to open up new ways of looking at our world. In a universe full with life and colour, each day, a fresh wonder story opens up before us inscribed on, "finches’ wings” and "trout that swim” (Hopkins), on the faces of people, on sunsets and purple hills – where ever light and shadow embrace. Unfortunately, we are living in a world that is prone to look at things through a dark prism of negative attitudes and we make excuses that the situations in disarray are beyond us. But many artists have created new and far reaching art forms in a world in chaos. Sunday, 15th, dedicated to Migrants and Refugees, was an invitation to respond to people seeking refuge on our shores.                     During the course of the week, a fresh kaleidoscope of colour was added to my ’palette’ through encounters with people from Serbia, Latvia, Poland, Hungry, Britain, India, Holland and the Philippians who have come to live and work here. Each ray had its own particular highlight and beauty. We are all artists in our own right, creating pictures, depending on the colours we reflect through the prism of our attitudes; red, orange and yellow, a warm and welcoming heart, green, blue and purple could convey cold and fearful tendencies. We intuit how people feel towards us and respond accordingly. If we wish to reflect the picture of the universe that comes from the paintbrush of the Divine and interpret the message that lies beyond what we see and hear, we need to spend time contemplating light and shadow at local, national and global levels and then commence to paint a picture, where we are, that will awaken beauty in the hearts of all. "It is during the worst times of life that you will see the true colours of the people who say they care...” colourwisdom

Catherine O’ Sullivan IJS, Coolea





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